Chocolate Chicken

Yeah, we know, we haven't blogged in a while.  Not because we don't want to, but because our lives got all crazy busy.  Here's what happened:

Siana's bathroom needed renovating because it sucked.  Siana's spouse and Tricia's spouse did most of the work, but Siana likes to complain about it the most.  

        It's true, I'm really good at complaining, ask anyone.

        You're a pro.

Here's a pic of Siana's finished bathroom, we replaced the floor, the sink and vanity and painted. This is Siana's rendition of Las Meninas in the bathroom, notice the royal couple in the mirror...

In the middle of all this, Tricia was heavily involved in her sister's wedding which involved finding a bridesmaid dress, traveling with her daughter the flower girl to Seattle and other wedding stuff.  Congrats to Tricia's sister Amy!

Here is Tricia at the wedding making a surprised face with her daughter Leesey, whom we often call Baby Witch, Baby Bunny and other seasonal nicknames that will make her super annoyed with us when she's 16.

        Get to the chocolate chicken!

        Oh yeah, got sidetracked with all our busyness.

In the midst of all of this we decided to make Easter Chocolates, on Easter, we're just late sharing this story because of all the other stuff.  We decided it's easy to use molds to make chocolate and we're going to do it all the time now for every holiday and season.  Because we like to get all crazy ambitious about stuff.  This was our first batch, which required wine, and also the ability to laugh at how some of them turned out kind of, well, psychadelic.


Best of all was the chocolate chicken.

And that is the tale of the chocolate chicken.  

        God, took us forever to get to the point of that story. 

        Yeah, that's what's wrong with our screenplay too.

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