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We did it!  We completed the MS Walk and raised some cash!  Thank you to everyone that supported us via Twitter, our friends and family, and friends and colleagues of Edgar Aguirre - thanks to you the Bench raised $1158.33 and Team Andrea raised a total of $15,068.33.  Doesn't that number just make you want to donate an even amount to make it a round number? Like $31.67 to make it $15,100 or $431.67 to make it an even $15,500?

I hate numbers that aren't even, I hate it when something
costs like $7.93, what is that?  Like what am I supposed 
to do with 7 cents?

Yeah, it would be cool if someone donated $431.67. That
would make me happy.

The MS Walk was great.  First it was a beautiful day in San Diego, but it seems all days in San Diego are beautiful, so maybe that wasn't a big deal, but it was for us.  We made signs to get people tweeting and it also helped us find our group when we got lost!

The signs kinda got heavy after a while, so we pawned them
off on other people.  Some of them were very small people.

We got to hang out with the one and only Andrea, yes, the famed Andrea of Team Andrea, hold your applause for the end.

She's the coolest and had one of the biggest teams of walkers which was awesome. And she gave us orange sunglasses which in turn made us cool.  Well sort of.

Sure, Siana kinda looks like the old lady from the greeting cards. You know the grouchy one that says funny things?

I love her!  And you do look like her. Why did these hats
look cooler before we put them on?

I don't know, but they kept us from getting sunburned and
then I didn't have to fix my hair. Bonus.

All in all it was a swell day. We got to see our book club gang, which was great too.  We didn't talk about books on the walk, but we often don't talk about books at book club, so it was kind of the same vibe. 

At one point we turned Tricia's stroller into a Snackmobile to carry the always needed items from our Snackbook.

And of course, we found a bench to relax on when we needed a break.

If you want to support the MS Walk and Team Andrea it's not too late.  Especially if you want to close the gap on that pesky un-even number.  Click here and donate today!
Thank you all for your support!  #benchgratitude

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